Portland Backflow Preventer Testing Service

Have a water backflow control device installed on your property? Need to have it tested?

Not sure about the cost? Not sure who to speak to?

Find a reputable and affordable local service who can help.

Assistance in Your Section of Northwest Oregon

There’s a good local company near your suburb that can help you out with any testing or certification you need done.

They will take care of the whole process. They’ll do the testing, upkeep and submittal of the appropriate forms when the work is over.

Your inspector is fully trained in the proper testing procedures and knows how to submit your document correctly.

Backflow Certification Report Near Portland

If there is any of these devices on your property, the state wants you to have it checked each year. The test is to look for systems that may fail during a water reversal situation.

The state of Oregon is specific about who can do the testing. They want someone who is certified in performing these inspections to carry out yours.

What Do These Do and Why Does My Property Have One?

These units are there to do one function. They stop dirty water from moving into clean water supply lines.

These valve assemblies are put in at critical cross-connection points in your water piping.

They’ll block polluted water from circulating back into the property’s fresh water supply pipes during an instance of reversed water pressure.

There are a pair of very common situations that require these units – lawn irrigation systems and fire prevention sprinkler systems.

The size and location of these regulators can differ from one property to another.

Annual Backflow System Inspections

Your prevention control valve was put in to block the reverse flow of water when it identifies a a big change in water pressure.

Since unusual changes in water pressure don’t happen too often, it’s hard to know for sure if your prevention valve will actually perform if it is ever asked to.

The state of Oregon understands the important role these devices play, so they would like them inspected every year and whenever they are put in or repaired.

An examination is not a difficult task to do. And it normally doesn’t cost too much either. It just has to be done.

Did You Receive a Notice?

It’s hard for property owners to remember to set up their certification test. So you might have received a reminder notification.

The one thing you must do is speak with a service who can inspect the supply line at your property. They will do the evaluation and complete the required document the state requires.

If your renewal date is today or tomorrow, call and see if someone can be at your property as quick as possible.

Emergency service may be available in your community.

Backflow Device Repair & Service Close to Portland

If your device isn’t working right and can’t pass inspection, your specialist has the right replacement parts with him or her to bring your unit up to working condition again.

Plumbing parts are vulnerable to corrosion and wear. Gaskets get brittle. Valves get stuck. Connections drip.

The person who tests your unit is also equipped to fix it. They will take out what needs replacing or repair what needs repairing.

Certified Inspectors and Fast Repairs

Speak with someone you can depend on to drive out to your place quickly and get the job done right.

You can depend on your expert to accomplish the entire job.

When they’re at your home or business, they are mindful and respectful of your property.

If you want them to, they could set it up to come back for future inspections too, so you will not have to worry about them next year.

Affordable Inspections Near You

Many inspections are routine and will not end up costing very much.

Assuming that the device passes the test and you don’t need any repair work done, your cost will be minimal.

Occasionally, a valve isn’t operating the way it should and it needs some repair.

You’ll be spoken to concerning any significant repairs before it gets started.

The price for a regular testing will not differ much from one service to the next.

You can learn the exact charge for a property owner in your neighborhood with a short call.

8 Good Reasons to Call

  • You receive a proper and complete inspection
  • Affordable rates
  • These specialists are properly authorized to undertake the evaluation
  • All the required paperwork and filing guidelines are handled
  • They have experience dealing with state water administrators
  • You can sign up to be reminded prior to your next renewal date
  • Rapid service is available for urgent situations
  • Any needed repairs or servicing will be dealt with properly

A Helpful Pro in Your Part of Multnomah County

Homeowners or business building managers can receive quick service.

Your examiner can take care of any problem they encounter at your place.

And they will do the task from beginning to end.

Begin Here

Just make a phone call when you get a minute.

If you need to make an appointment, you can get someone to your property right away.

Plan a service call for your property in any of the areas close to downtown Portland, Irvington, Cully, Hazelwood, Ashcreek, Maplewood, Powellhurst, Richmond, Sellwood-Moreland, Northwest-Portland, Beaverton, Gresham, Hillsboro, Happy Valley, Oregon City, Lake Oswego or Tigard.

The sooner you call – the quicker it gets done.

The Typical Service Area

  • Irvington
  • Cully
  • Hazelwood
  • Ashcreek
  • Maplewood
  • Powellhurst
  • Richmond
  • Sellwood-Moreland
  • Northwest Portland
  • Most of the other suburbs too

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