Orange County Cities Where You Can Get Backflow Service

Local property owners around Orange County may easily arrange backflow assembly testing services for their business or home.

A single telephone call may give you some information about the testing process, hear a simple price quote, or arrange a date for a state-certified inspector to drive by your property and do your inspection.

Since this is a county list, some of these plumbers and other specialty shops will likely be too far away to visit you, but there will be several who service your area.

Simply click on the OC city link below that’s nearest to you.

Anaheim Area

Anaheim Hills CA
Brea CA
Buena Park
Cerritos CA
Cypress CA
Fullerton CA
Garden Grove CA
La Habra
Northwest Anaheim
Northeast Anaheim
Southeast Anaheim
Southwest Anaheim
Placentia CA
Stanton CA
Westminster CA
Yorba Linda

Huntington Beach Area

Costa Mesa CA
East Huntington Beach
North Costa Mesa
Newport Beach CA
Sunset Beach CA

Santa Ana Area

East Santa Ana
Fountain Valley CA
North Santa Ana
Northeast Santa Ana
Orange CA
South Coast Metro
Tustin CA
West Santa Ana

Irvine Area

East Irvine
El Camino Real
Northwood CA
Orchard Hills & Lower Peters Canyon
Oak Creek CA
Orange County Area Park – SE Irvine
Quail Hill CA
Turtle Rock CA
UC-Irvine Campus area
University Park area
Walnut Village CA
Woodbridge CA
Westpark CA

Oh, and service is also available a ways up north – around the entire Bay Area.

Each section of the Bay Area has specialists who can get the job done for you.

Fremont CA
Oakland CA
San Francisco Bay Area
San Jose and South Bay
Santa Clara CA
Sunnyvale CA

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